Lumen Lamp

Design: Beton.exe

concrete lamp 4

Ascetic Brightness

From the combination of simple form, necessary function and non-typical material, LUMEN lamp is born. A concrete lamp that provides an extraordinary atmosphere wherever it appears. Designed for both, kitchen and office, it introduces modernity and austerity to the interior..

concrete lamp 3
concrete lamp 2
concrete lamp 1

The Beauty of Precision

The LUMEN lamp is not only elegant and slim in form, but also comfortable and precise in handling of the lamp position. Minimalism, originality and freedom are the main features of this limited edition product.

concrete lamp

Lumen Lamp

Design: Beton.exe
Materials: aluminium, concrete
Availability: on request


H: 100-200cm
W: 20cm
L: 125cm

The standard lamp construction is 100 cm high. If you prefer a higher lamp, there is a possibility to redesign the construction


If you are interested in this product you can order it by sending an inquiry to us. We will answer within 24 hours. We also realize individual projects for developers, architects, designers and individuals.